No cockpit lights in 747

So I just noticed while flying, that there are no cockpit lights in 747. Not even at night. Tweaked the settings and all, still to no avail. Is this a bug? Or is this something that has been changed for quite a long time now?


I’m pretty sure the 747 never had cockpit lights, or at least not since 21.1

It used to, if it didn’t since 21.1 as u said. When the 747 was last reworked cockpit lights were added. Same goes to 747-200

But that was years ago. Sad that they had to remove that if it were the case

If you could screenshot this and maybe someone with a better understanding of that could determine what happened with them I know for a fact the 747 at one point did have a lighting effect where the instruments would glow.

747 - like F/A-18 and C-17 - is a flying potato.

There is never been any cockpit lights in the 747. The A380 has also no cockpit lights. I think this is because they are getting a bit old, and the last update for them is already a long time ago. Only one thing that is weird, is that the E-jets already have some cockpit lights….

Screenshot for proof:

Video: Infinite Flight Live ATC: Night Flight EGHH-EGGW (1080pHD) 747-400 BA (SPEEDBIRD) - YouTube

Yup it definitely used to be illuminated, I noticed that when 21.1 released, the 747 suddenly seemed so much older, even with gear tilt, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

The e jets do now? omg i need to check it out

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since 21.1

huh, interesting, got removed in 21.1

They already have it for quite some time!

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