No clouds?

For some reason, I never get cloud cover or fog when flying, it is really annoying. I redownloaded but nothing changes.
(I get distance fog like pre-global, but when I’m flying through mountainous regions I don’t get fog in the valleys)

Device: iPhone 6+
Infinite Flight Version: Latest
iOS: 11.3

There’s no issue… Go fly through Portland, OR…


You’re only going to get fog in areas where the METAR has read cloud coverings.


new york right now too

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Uhh. There is an issue, You can’t just tell me that there’s no issue when there is, if you read the post, I never get cloud cover, I flew threw portland, no clouds.

  1. There is no clouds in the app.
  2. There is fog however. Are you on Live or Solo?

Live, I don’t get fog unless I’m in solo.

Then you’re probably not flying in areas where there is fog covers in mountainous regions.

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All live weather is based off the live METAR reports that goes through IF’s system. If you want to fly in foggy areas, I would check the local METAR reports for the area you plan on flying in.