No clouds available in live time

Hello. This is regarding the recent cirrus cloud update. The cirrus clouds are not appearing for me when I’m using the live time format in Grade 3 during live flights. Is it a glitch just for me?

Cirrus layer clouds has to be set manually in the weather settings in the pause menu. While there are plans to make cirrus clouds reflect those of in real life, this has yet to be implemented.

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Set them manually in the weather

Curtesy of one of @Levet’s screenshots,

It looks like this


I do set them manually. I’ve set scattered at 20,000ft but whenever I set time to live time the clouds disappear but when I set manual time like day or sunrise for example they appear. That was the only confusion. Thank you for helping though!

I see your issue. These clouds are usually only visible because light is reflecting off it, hence you are able to see them. When you are flying at night, for example, where light is insufficient, the clouds may not be visible due to the lack of ambient light.


Cool, that explains and resolves my issue. Thank you so much :)

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