No casualties on the casual server…

1) Me and @EAviation tried practicing for an air show but couldn’t help getting distracted :) Shout out to @Brody_Swiatek who was there too.

Route: Pattern work around KLSV
Plane(s): Check out the pics
Speed: 0-Mach 2


Formation flight before we got sidetracked…
Stalling at FL700
Inverted flyby
Just a cool pic
You didn’t see that…
Flying the C-130 the right way
Finally, a nice game of follow the leader to waste more of your brain cells ;)

Thank you, and have a WONDERFUL day…night…whatever!

Ok I’m not done… got a favorite?

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How come I didn’t know there was a RAAF C-130? 😂


I believe it’s the Belgian Air Component…😂

…I feel like I’m missing something

those pictures are awesome!!! also im done with school if you wanna practice again

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was this yesterday??

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Yesterday and today

oh ok gotcha, I’m pretty sure I overflew ya in a 777F last night watching you guys do pattern work at KLSV haha


Nice! Hopefully it made your flight more fun

what were your callsigns again?

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Mine was Requin 30AR, that’s usually always mine no matter the aircraft. His was Blue Angel something.

Blue Angel 204

im a very big fan of the F16 in infifli ive flown her often, quite often… quite proficiently! yes big fan! great shots Sir!


I do agree the f-16 is amazing, if you like to fly it I may recommend GAF, great community for military flyers. Great shots also super cool to see!

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Thank you for your nice words @Sidewinder74 and @Zach007 and I definitely agree, the f-16 is amazing!


WOW - these are fantastic! Great work! These shots are incredible! :)

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Ever heard of GAF by any chance?

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I have not actually, would you be willing to tell me about it?

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