No callsign for certain airlines and taxi speed warning on runway

Quick one.

There’s no callsign for Air Mauritius, and when I landed the A359 at GLRB and GUCY despite staying on the centreline I got multiple taxi speed warnings.

If the development team could update these and fix the glitches that’d be great.

Edit: I replayed my landings and did not land on the threshold. I landed on where you’re supposed to touch down (the solid white spots)



Regarding the callsign, we’ll look into updating the file :)
But about the taxi violations, some more information is needed to relay the information to the airport editing team.

Could you be more specific about precise location, runway and so on?


Would you like me to download and email the replay file? I mean both airports have only one runway each (capable of handling the A359), and most of the time they came up when I switched views. It only came up for a short time, maybe one or two seconds, but came up around 5-6 times during landing.

Ah, I’ll have a look myself then. I’m not that lazy :)

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Oh, additional info. It happened in the training server.

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And I should also note that it only happened during landing. I took off from GLRB afterwards and didn’t receive any taxi speed warnings. Definitely a landing-specific glitch.

Just tried going down the entire lenght of the runway and then some at 70kts, both directions at GLRB without any issues. Taxi warning arrived just as i went out in the grass, as expected.

Could it be that your wheels touched down a bit premature?

Did you try some pattern work and land? I’ve got some screenshots if that helps. Maybe it might be device-specific but I’ll post them in a sec.

Landing at GUCY. Tried switching a couple of views (right wing, Tower, free view)

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Hey, the Callsign for Air Mauritius is on the list already :)


Is this on the thrush hold? (I know it’s not spelled correctly)

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Yea, looks like you landed too early of the displaced threshold as @Luke_King-kong said, you are not allowed to do that, per regulation. Have a look here!

I’ve landed pre threshold in IF before without any warning or vios. This has to be a glitch.

Not a glitch. Behaving as expected. Don’t land on the displaced threshold.

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To everyone saying I landed on the threshold, I landed past the touchdown marking lines. I landed on the solid white spots. This must be a device specific glitch with myself then. I’ll try to do some pattern work at both airports.

As you can see here at both GLRB and GUCY Top an bottom respectively, I didn’t touch down before the threshold. There’s not even a threshold to talk about.

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