No C208 or C750?

I was going to fly on the C208 but I came to realize it wasn’t there. Is anyone else having this problem? I already tried to refresh the app.


check “Show aircraft from older versions”

Yeah I just saw that…

It was on there 😅

Maybe Press the that say Show Aircraft Older versions @Butter575 you should find it from there

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Yeah it shows them now

What flight are you doing

Thanks @JerryC and @Aviation_Jerry for the help

Solution for this is to click “Show aircraft from older versions”.

If you’d like to see any planes from “older versions”. For example the F14, ERJ, C17 etc. can be found by using the “Show aircraft from older versions” button.


No offence whatsoever to this post, but there are sooooo many topics created about this, so yeah. Glad you got the solution.

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