No Beacon on 787 from Tower View

Can others have a look and see if they are having the same issue?

From Tower View, I cannot see the 787 beacon flashing at all… Just curious. This is not an ungrateful topic.

I can barely see it during the daytime, but at night, I can see it just fine.

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Hmmm… I cannot see it at night either… strange

Are you sure your beacon light is turned on?

Yeah… Coz when I am in ‘Normal’ view its flashing… As soon as I go to Tower it is not

Which airport are you using? I’ll try to see if mine works there.

EGLL… Delta 787

I just tried it and had no problems.

Hmmm… I am confused then… what settings are you using?

Everything is on max settings.

Hmmm… Same here… Confuzzled

Try using the night setting and tell me if you can see it. It might be hard for you to see in the daytime.

I have used night, and still cannot see it

This problem is tricky. Try spawning at a different airport and see if that works.

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I can’t see them too even if it’s a night flight and also in other planes. I noticed this too in previous updates.

It depends on distance from tower, I just tried again, and it was fine, and then suddenly stopped…

Picture please?

Picture for what?

For the Beacon is Off.

It is very difficult to show that in pictures.

Go to any airport and start near the tower view. Turn to night mode, and fly away at same angle - watch the beacon, and it disappears after certain distance