No Available Start Locations For A330 At KSMF

Hello! The airport selector says there’s no available start positions for the A330-300 at KSMF (Sacramento Int’l) which is weird because Hawaiian Airlines operates a daily A330 flight between SMF and HNL, which I’d love to fly.

I just got the game two days ago and just subscribed to pro a few hours ago, so I apologize if I’m posting in the wrong area, but I was just excited at the prospect of flying my favorite airline’s plane from my current location back to my home island!

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KSMF needs to be updated like many other airports, but many people are working tirelessly at doing this, and it takes time. For example kaus my home airport has a scheduled 747 flight, but still has no widebody gates.


Welcome to the community! Unfortunately, there is no Hawaiian Airlines livery for the A330. Also regarding what @snoman has stated.

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Again, regarding to @snoman many airports need updating, but nowadays Hawaiian Airlines switched to the A321 NEO. That still doesn’t make a difference though.

Welcome to the community, @HowDoILandThisThing!

Airports are updated by the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team, a group of volunteers who choose airports and bring them up to as high a quality as they can. It looks like KSMF might have been updated, but the gates don’t reflect an A330.

To keep things organized, this thread was made to centralize all of these sorts of issues. I’d recommend positing it there, where the IFAET will see it.

You’re new, so don’t feel any pressure, but I’ve linked the IFAET’s thread below if you’re interested in learning more.


Hey! As an alternative, you can fly from a close airport to KSMF, and go to your destenation from there. That’s the way I do it at least


Thanks! Great idea!

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I saw that info about the a321 in their website right before posting! It’s interesting news! I flew the a330 in Feb to HNL and a 717 from HNL to OGG (islands hopping) while there. HA sure Burns through those flight cycles on their 717s! It looks like the a321 is for West coast to outer island direct flights

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Hey there!
Thanks for the heads up.
I’ve put it down on my to-do list, I’ll probably do it over the weekend!

Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team


Thank you so much! I’m going to pack my bags!

Thanks for the link! I’ll definitely read up on it! Just hit grade 2, so I’m more excited than ever to fly out of SMF.

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