No automatic download of Planes or ability to delete

This feature is the removal of a feature. There is only one thing (that I can think of) that greatly annoys me about IF, and that is the automatic downloading of aircraft. I use IF on an iPad and occasionally on my iPhone. For my iPad this wouldn’t be a problem, because it has enough storage, but my iPhone storage fills up very quickly with other things. This leads to me having to delete IF on my phone and redownload several times per month, just to keep IF at a low storage level. The only other option would be to have the ability to delete aircraft from IF, which would also be amazing. Do you guys agree that deleting should be an option? Hopefully someone of importance in IF development reads this.

Excellent idea. This makes the sim “user friendly”. More on that will be forthcoming.

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The problem is that the planes automatically load, when someone flies the them in Infinite Flight Live. But the delete feature is a good idea!


I agree, takes up to much storage

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It’s a good idea, but I use my old phone to run IF so I deleted everything to make room. However that would be nice because my new phone has better graphics so sometimes I like to fly on there (I think I just gave too much info).

what do you mean by deleting? As in deleting from your storage?

Recently Jason revealed some new announcements in the forum about many upcoming features to Infinite Flight. That statement on what he shared above, made me realise about the problem I’m currently struggling on past the two years. In my opinion, this feature topic is a life-saver for me. I currently have the iPad Air 1 by Apple with 16 Gigabytes of storage. And here is the problem.

Every time I play live on Infinite Flight, aircrafts automatically download, making my system and my storage suffer. The symptoms include very low frame rate or freezing screen, and mostly the app just crashes due to storage Incapabilities. The simple reason is because there is no option. There is only an option for the Cellular network. This also happens mostly when on ground. I always have to delete my app and reinstall, losing all my selected Options saved, and loses a whole lot of time.

In my opinion, I fell strongly about this. This topic should wake itself up again to make a lot of users helpful about this. I do not want to waste more time downloading the app and remaking my settings again.

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Yet again, It would be easier for me to getting straight into the sim immediately rather than wasting my own time reinstalling it before every flight.