No audio for ATC

I just got the Pro subscription and I don’t have audio of engine sounds or ATC, could you please help.

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This is a pretty common bug. Try going to your settings, then scroll to the ATC Voice section. Click on the voice you are currently using. This should hopefully fix the problem when it happens!

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Ok that didn’t work but I don’t know if I did it correctly I went to the IF settings and pressed the Online section then set the voice to Arthur GB and went in and I still couldn’t hear


It fixes when you quit and re enter as I know. Happened to me 2-3 times also, all l had to do was to restart the flight.

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Yea that doesn’t work because I’ve done many flights and have closed the game so many times, and also when I first installed the game I couldn’t hear.

Restart your device?

Ok I’ll try that

Nope that doesn’t work

Are you on iOS or Android?

Sounds like a muted device to me.

I have a I Phone 12 mini ,and I’ve looked at other peoples same problems and tried seeing if my device was muted and I don’t think it is but I’m not sure how you check.

Check the little mute switch on the top left side of your device :)

I don’t know where that, is I’m looking at the top left side of my device and only see the time.

It on your device. Not the display.
See here:

Oh it’s working thank you very much!

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