No Audio during the whole flight

Device: IPad mini 6th gen
Operating system:IOS

Hello, I have been having an audio issue lately where every time i’m about 5 mins into a flight I cant hear anything besides ATC. If anyone knows how to fix this that would be great. Thank you.

Is your phone in silent mode? Are your sound effects all the way up? This happened to me and my phone was on silent mode

No im on an Ipad and my effects are all the way up

And im not on silent mode

Try to log out of the game and restart it

I tried that

Or restart your ipad

I updated it and it still dosnt work

So if your SFX volume is up it should be fine but I see that you’ve already tried that.

You might have not updated your Inflight Flight as there was a hot fix to address this issue.

To update your IF,
Step 1: Go to the App Store.
Step 2: Search, “Infinite Flight.”
Step 3: Then where the install button is, it should say update. If there is none skip to step 5
Step 4: Press Update. Your infinite flight should update and the noises should be fine.

Step 5: If there are no updates available, uninstall and reinstall infinite flight to see if it fixes by itself.

Thank you Vortex

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I will try this

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