No ATIS on training server

Why is there not an option for controllers on the training server to use ATIS at their airport? I think it would make it easier for the pilots to know what runways are in use and other helpful information…

You can vote for ATIS on training here :)

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I believe that some of the reason is that trolls will go onto ATC and click everything leading to a really long ATIS.


The problem with it comes when there is more than 1 person controlling at an airport. ATIS requires cooperation between radar, tower and ground, and if it’s training server where communication between controllers happens once or month or something, ATIS would just become a mess.


I agree with the points above. May I suggest opening an ATC tracking thread? You will not only be able to field pilots to fly for you on the IFC, but can also put your own remarks and NOTAMS on your tracking thread. When doing this, I suggest opening a less busy field and avoiding airports such as KLAX, EGLL, KSFO, etc.

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