No ATIS at active atc controlled airport

Recently every active atc controlled airport I fly in to or from doesn’t have an ATIS or ATIS Frequency.

With the new server updates, opening ATIS results in an app crash. Devs are working to resolve it as soon as possible, but for now, just follow the flow of other aircraft around you.


ATIS is down for IFATC, if we open ATIS it crashes the app. Developers are currently working on it and will hopefully develop a fix soon!

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ATIS is currently not working due to a bug for the IFATC. However, you can see the runway in use by checking which direction planes are being vectoring to see for landing/takeoff by using a flight tracker, such as InfiniteX | Companion App for Infinite Flight

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U can always use ATIS bot commands on IF Discord server ;)

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