No ATC when connected to Wifi

ATC doesnt work online i cant understand i cant see also no one airplane.
I using movil internet and then it works. But with wifi doesnt!!!

More details please?
Do you have some pictures illustrating the issue?
What’s the device?
From where did you buy/get infinite flight?

Maybe your internet connection is down.

There is a connection indicator on the top right of your screen. If it’s orange like in the following picture, that means that you can’t see other planes or get atc, because you have a network issue:

If the indicator is green however, you should be fine :)

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Yes i have pictures.
Ok just now i could see.
When im in wifi i cant!!! Play online. So i up on my internet movil. And then it works!!! Why with wifi i cant but with movil internet i can?


Just know i could see i can with movil internet but with wifi doesnt work why???

Try unplugging your wifi router for 30 seconds and plugging it back in.

Your internet is the issue here, try switching to a better Wifi network

You need to go to some troubleshooting of your router. There are probably some blocked ports or similar in the router causing this issue for you.

I always thought WiFi issues are orange and ghosting is red, I may be wrong.If it is a ghosting issue you may need to wait for it to expire it should only be for a short time.R

Try to Use VPN or Proxy

No, red is absolutely no connection at all. Try activating flight mode on your phone, and then try to play. You’ll see it’s red :)


That is completely wrong, yellow and red for Internet issues, Light (Pixled) Green for ghosted

It’s strange as when I have WiFi issues my connection was orange and the one time I got ghost I’m sure it when the red. Good luck trying time sort it out. R

This has occurred to me as well. It’s a bug I believe.

If you were to lose connection momentarily (wifi signal goes yellow for a small moment), it will strangely disconnect you from the rest of the server. You still see the aircraft but they don’t see you, if you understand. :)

Not. With wifi i cant play online. It doesnt conect. But with internet by my cellphone it works

Sometimes connection too slow.

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