No ATC Voices

Hey there guys I am flying but I have noticed that no voices are found in my arc log ! When I want to send atc commands I can’t hear what I am sending or what I I’m receiving. Please help


Looks like a notification or call popped up. Did you happen to answer a phone call or leave the app by any chance?

This causes the ATC voice to stop working.

There’s no way to fix this in-flight than to restart the app unfortunately.

I have deleted the app re installed it and still it won’t work

Are you using iOS or android?

Oh, in that case you need to redownload the voices.

What decide are you using?

I am using IOS 13.2

Follow the steps to download the voices for Apple devices:

1.) Go to your device Settings → Accessibility → Voice Over → Speech → Voice
2.) Once here you will see tables for voices broken down by English (US, Australia, India, Ireland, etc.)
3.) Download the voices by clicking on the cloud icon with the arrow that points downward found on the right of the voice name. Pro Tip: You have to click on each voice and then tap on the cloud icon to download.

Iphone XS Max

Thank you so much I will defiantly try that later as I am in the middle of a flight.

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Any time! Happy to help 👍

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For future reference please check the FAQ topic pinned on top of the #support category.

Guys I have followed the instructions but nothing worked

Try a restart of the device

I will try that

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