No atc voice

Hi guys i think i reported this problem before and it still happens sometimes before i take off , sometimes mid flight , its starting to reduce my game play experience and am annoyed about it cause having live ATC is really amazing but the fact that i cant hear the commands most of the time ,
i did everything from reinstall the game to restart my device it despairs for two days and then again same problem knowing that i don’t get phone calls during flying cause i have no interruptions option and i don’t leave the game , if you guys can find another way to fix this problem for me i will appreciated I’m using a 4GB ram android device

I have been having this same issue and I have an Ipad, out of nowhere I will just randomly lose all game sound.

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It also happened with me while controlling at SFO, all sound came back when I quit the game, dismissed the app, and restarted my iPad. Don’t know why its not coming back for you. Probably not a helpful tip, but I find that sometimes silent mode is on on my iPad. Might want to make sure about that too, just in case.

See if you have notification turned off.
Or if you have the sounds to 0 (Settings -> Audio and set it to max).

Have you also attempted selecting another voice in the in game settings and switching it back to your original one? This usually solves it for a lot of folks.

Have you gone to

Pause Menu > Settings > Audio > ATC Volume ?

yeah i did that now nothing , I’m flying right now with no voice , tired of stopping my flight after take off and all the preparation

the thing is i do this all the time when i lose the voice before take off but sometimes it happens after i take off , and i deleted the game twice this week trying to solve the problem , i think it has something to do with how infinite flight take the sound of pilots form the google voice service even know i have all the voices downloaded

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