No atc sounds

Hi, since this morning my atc tts thing has not been working, what I mean is when I spawn in a busy Airport, I don’t here any voices of the atc, only the sounds u r supposed to hear in fly solo, I tried every thing, I restarted my tablet, tried playing around with the settings in IF and the tts settings on my tablet, nothing worked

If you know what to do plz tell me

My Tablet: Samsung tab s4
Android version: 10
UI version: 2.1

By any chance, what do you have your ATC volume set to?

Also, do you have the preset voices downloaded on your device?

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Hey! Have you tried to switch the voice you use and then going back to your original voice, this could help.

If you don’t know how to check this: go to Settings>Sound and then look at the ATC volume.

Thx, this is why it wasn’t working, thx

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Yah, it had worked before

I did, nothing but

Is your ringer on silent?

If your ringer is on silent, it may mute the game sound.

Nvm I realized you solved it