No ATC sounds

I recently bought the online mode, and when I start playing i can’t hear the tower’s voice, the ATC volume is high, I don’t now whats is the problem…

But you see the ATC text?

Yes, i can see

That makes me think you are still on the Freeflight server.

There is no ATC, but there is Unicom. For a Unicom you just announce what you are doing.

I announce but i can’t hear the voice i can only read the text

Check to see if you mute/ringer is off. If that isn’t it just try to close out the app and reopen it OR better yet restart your phone
Hope this helps

This may sound obvious but is your device volume up? If you’re using iOS then is the orange slider on the side of the device switched to the loud position? If not maybe try deleting the app and re-installing :)

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I use android, motorola moto g, there’s not a problem with sound, i can hear the turbine. And i think if i uninstall the app i need to buy again…

Re-installing is the same… I don’t now what’s the problem…

image i can read this text, but i don’t hear the voice, and I can hear the turbine, i’m playing on android un the server ATC Playground

this is a bug not a support query

Have you muted ATC speach in the menu?

If I use Siri whilst ATC is announcing something it stops working… Therefore I can’t here it.

max volume

This bug seems fairly common on IOS. All i do is restart device and IF, and if that doesn’t work i delete the app, restart device, redownload app and is good to go.

Thx For our help but i can fix the problem :(

Your not the only on it doesn’t work for me either. I have done every fix already mentioned no luck