No ATC Sound.

I was playing infinite flight live. When I opened it, it don’t have ATC Sound. JUST TITLE. What I must be do.

Device:Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360H
Android version:4. 4. 4 Kit Kat
IF Version:16.13.0

I’ve experienced this from time to time. Simply close the app and restart Infinite Flight and you should get the sound back.

Click the settings button, press ‘Audio’ and see if your ATC volume is up high enough. Are the engine noises still present?


Just so everybody is clear, Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat is the latest available version for the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime.

Anyway, support moderators should be here soon to help out, for now just follow the questions people are asking here!

Hey, whenever you exit the app and you go to another app with sound then back to IF… the Atc sound goes away as it has happened to me if I use Siri while in flight … simply close the app and restart

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As mentioned in other topics, the following recommendations have been provided previously: close all of your background apps, ensure that you have a strong internet connection and refrain from opening and closing the IF App while participating in live sessions whether they be Flight or ATC.

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Maybe just restart your device??? That might help!!!

Let’s let the OP respond with further issues if there are still. All possible resolutions have been stated…


Be sure to check the ATC volume to be sure it’s set up, otherwise restart the app. If that doesn’t work, restart your device.

Please read previous comments as this solution has already been commented :)


If all of that doesn`t help, try to plug your headphones in. I had that issue ones, where i played with headphones, then unplugged them and a few hours later i didn´t get the Sound back no matter what i tried. Putting thim back in solved the Problem ultimetly. Even though that was just a one time thing and I don´t know if my device was just being weird

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Is it not possible to solve these problems from the application code? What are the reboots to restart the device?