No ATC sound on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM T-800

Hello there. As many others, i dont have any sounds on my tablet when playing IF, no problem with enginesounds, but i only have text, but no ATC sound. I have been doing all things, but still no sound. My tablet is not on mute, i have full volume, i have been restarted devise, deleting the game, trying with headphones + … nothing works… soo, any there with some tips about what to try next?

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Go into settings then under audio check that ATC Volume is turned up

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Yeah have done that. Still not working

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Is your ringer on? Have you tried restarting the device?

you need to install google text to speech.

Get is here:

Thanks for help guys, i finally fix the problem. I had my tablet on local language, so when i change my device to english, it worked ☺


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