No ATC sound in London

So I was flying from EGNX - EGGL in advanced. I wanted to see how the ATC voice would say,“Peterborough”, when I realized that my ATC sound was broken. I still had aircraft SFX, but my ATC sound was gone! I had landed.
Device Specs:
iPhone 5
IOS 9.0.1
Latest Version of Infinite Flight
(I am unable to recreate this bug, but I have screenshots)

This happened to me a few weeks ago. By simply restarting the app fixed it for me.

I went back into the game and it came back

Ok. That’s what fixes it or me also when this problem occurs. :)

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Just sound

When i exited the server, I got the first ATC message i sent after the sound stopped

Have you set the sound on your device off?

I could still hear the aircraft sound effects.

This happend to me once and restarting worked, but I wasn’t lagging so it probably isn’t low memory and just a bug.

Oh thats strainge