No ATC Sound ... Again!

I deleted the app, reinstalled it (as people said to do in the first glitch) but now I still don’t have ATC. My Wifi went down for a couple seconds, but when I got back on, there was no ATC sound, just the FSX (plane noises). Can someone actually help me? Please? Thanks!

Device: iPhone 6s
OS Version: 9.3 (About to update to 9.31)
IF Version: 16.02.0

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This is happening to me. Usually, it means that if the voice was on, your device would lag so much or crash.

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My device didn’t crash though!

What is your device?

Please :
iOS version or Android Version
Device you use

If you read the first comment, you would see my device.

Well than:

If this all not help get back at me and we will figure something out…

This happens to me a bit, relaunch IF and if that doesnt work just restart the device. It should work then

Device: 6+
IOS: 9.3.0

Yeah happens to me too. But when you’re in the middle of a flight, last thing you want to do is restart Infinite Flight just to get the atc voice back

Is your ringer volume on?

Yes, because I can hear FSX noises

This happened to me but once i closed the app and restarted it everything went back to normal 😕

That only means you were running out of ram…just restart the app…if it still persist know that you are still short of ram…apps like antivirus and clean masters contribute much since they ever run and require much ram.Just do a factory reset…get rid of everything that wasnt initially in the phone…if it worked initially then it will finally… Atleast this worked for me.Hope this helps

I’m not deleting Minecraft …

If it doesn’t run as a background app such as antivirus then you need not to…get rid of apps that autostart immediately you restart your phone if minecraft doesn’t autostart then you don’t need to delete it

What I found out over the months is never switch in pause mode and turning off the iOS device while ATC voice is speaking. After switching on the iPad in my case the sound of the ATC voice will not come back again until restart. All other sounds works well. So I always have to wait for a second of no ATC comments before switching off …

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