No ATC response at Krakow

Hi, I am currently on stand at Krakow in expert server, but I’m not getting a response to my request to pushback. With me are 2 other pilots requesting pushbacks without responses… So I assume something is wrong? Thx in advance!


I would give the ATC some time because he maybe is in the bathroom right now or maybe he just came online and has to familiarize with the surroundings first

Yeah well I’ve waited like 10 mins now… 😬

When I switch to the ATIS frequency I also don’t receive the message. It just keeps silence all the time… So something is definitely wrong…

I’m also there, not sure what happened

Are you the SAS 319?

Hm that’s a weird situation… The problem is that if you pushback now he could ghost you… you Never know… maybe Try messaging the active atc via the Forum or risk it at your own responsibility 😅

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Was you Internet connection strong?

The controller has now left. :)

Above another reported the same issue

Than have fun flying!

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yeah I was that one

Situation resolved, thanks 😊