No ATC on the Expert Server

Does anyone know why there are no ATC stations open on the expert server right now? Or am i the only one that doesnt have any?

Well there just sometimes not open at all. Like most people in Europe are asleep and in Australia are at school

That is for next week bro.

Also there is no ATC so it’s not a promblem eith your device

They are supposed to be in Spain today. But no one is controlling anywhere in Spain.

Sometimes, it’s just a coincidence that no one is controlling on the Expert Server 🤷

Nothing wrong with your device 😉


Hey there all,

Us IFATC are very busy keeping your skies safe, but unfortunately we can not work 24/7. Mpst of us now are asleep, which i will be in a min, or many of us are at school or involed in a real life job.
Be patient with us IFATC and just wait for us to control, again we cant be there 24/7 but we try as hard as we can to say open as long as we can!!

Kind regards,
IFATC George Flack


We are always in need of more controllers. You are welcome to join the team:


Come on Riley, you know i’m working on that. lol


Haha. Really - it’s hard to keep everything open. We would love to have ya :)


As everyone has said. Sometimes IFATC controllers just don’t have time to open and their are times when nobody does. Like now. Simple answer is just that their are no IFATC controllers on their phone or tablet ready to open up right now. Like Riley said, we’re always looking for more!
-IFATC Natedog508