No ATC on expert server possible.

Why does it say this?

Are you IFATC qualified? If not that’s why

You need to be part of the IFATC

Whats ifatc

Check out this thread if you’d like to join the team;


They are the guys who have the ability to control on Expert server

Jeez thas exagerated

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Not really. It’s to make sure that only experts control the expert server.

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As our Community ATC Manager Tyler Shelton as said: The Expert Server is an online environment intended for serious users who understand all rules, procedures, and interactions with ATC. For that reason, not just anyone has access to ATC on the Expert Server. You must be rigarously trained by Expert ATC Trainers and take a written and practical exam. If you succeed, only then will you have access to controlling on the Expert Server.


But like that just one/two airport will have atc

Quality over quantity 🤷🏼‍♂️

Besides, if we had airports like EGLL and KLAX open nonstop, no one would go anywhere new. Tyler makes the schedule so there’s a little variety for people to discover new places!

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Yeah but i mean, and they’re super strict i asked permission to change frequency and they said frenquency change already approved, like jeez chill

It’s a learning process. You shouldn’t request frequency change after its already been approved. It clogs the incredibly busy frequency, which is stressful for the controller.

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“And he make the schedule” ???

Yes, he makes the schedule.

Just to say im flying expert server rn and my plane for some reason is circling over egll on NAV mode for some reason

My plane kinda drunk rn

Maybe you have a turn that’s too tight? What does your flight plan look like?

That’s it

Back on track rn