No ATC on Expert server (CHAOS!)

There was no ATC at St Marteen and it was chaos every where!


Use the report function.


Expert without ATC = Training Server 3


Why didn’t you go around?


I’m not it surprised, to be honest. When ATC leaves it’s similar to leaving kids in a classroom with no teacher; a huge free-for-all! This shouldn’t be happening.


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That’s the perfect analogy. It’s a sad reality.

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Could be a ifo team training

Come on gost all nimrods

And here I thought that “Expert” pilots would have more sense and knowledge.


Once again…

99 percent of pilots behave themselves around ATC. However when ATC is not there it is up to the other pilots around to report them. They are ruining YOUR experience and the experience of others. Until pilots take the initiative to do it themselves, this will continue to happen regardless of what xp/tests/server rules are in place. So I beg pilots that next time instead of spending the time to take a screen shot and rant online, spend less time and hit the report button instead. It only takes three reports. That is the only way that pilots are going to learn that goofing off when ATC is not present will not tolerated by this fine community.

I was controlling there earlier, I had to close when my approach did, as it was not physically possible to handle all those inbounds, and depart traffic.

Thank you to the approach controller who was on about 2 hours ago, name was Jaydon I believe. Very amazing controlling, but when he left it all went to chaos lol.

Something like this happened once on KASE. i taxied to one end of the runway that ground told me to the Tower went off. then soon I was stuck on the ground waiting for a takeoff slot where there is no fools. Once there was I used that time to takeoff and then a a fool in the 787 Which is not even supposed to be there Lined up on the runway. I even announced I was taking off. So I barely made it over the 787 but the more fools were landing on the opposite side. Man they think just because tower isn’t there to ghost them they can do whatever.

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You were good at it

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I reported about 10 people

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When ATC goes away in the expert server your like : NOOOO! GOD PLEASE NO! NOOOOOOOOOO.


###When Expert ATC gone:
Playground Mode Activated


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