No ATC No access in Expert Server

I just made it back to Expert server and I’m trying to meet the requirements of 500 ATC operations and I was not able to become atc in Rxpert server thx for your understanding

In order to control on Expert Server, you need to become an IFATC.


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Hello! You need to become IFATC first!

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Thx I’m becoming an IFATC just need 500 operations


Just so you’re aware, there’s a process to becoming IFATC that is not as simple as getting 500 operations.
You see, anybody can get 500 operations as long as they maintain Grade 2 on the Training Server. I’d also recommend practicing your tower controls with IFATC members as they can give you extremely valuable feedback that you will be most likely unable to get otherwise.
I am also trying to join IFATC, and I hope to work with you someday!

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Do you have any IFATC members that you would recommend me practicing with

If you are looking to join IFATC, your best bet is to look at the Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting topic that has been linked above and firstly ensure that you meet all the requirements.

If you do, then you should apply. A recruiter will then contact you and assist you through the process. Once you are picked up by a recruiter you also have the ability to be added to a training waitlist where a highly experienced IFATC Trainer will pick you up and run sessions with you to build, develop and grow your knowledge in all aspects of controlling on the Expert Server.

Let us know if you have any questions.


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