No ATC messages & other planes showing as unknown

Device: Iphone13
Operating system: IOS 17.3.1

As I arrived OMDB today I was able to send ATC messages but got no response from anyone else. I’m aware of the Voice problem but I’m not sure if this includes messages at all. As well other airplanes were shown as Unkown.

Hello there!

What’s odd is that your connection seems fine (you have a green tick) but yet you aren’t receiving any replies from ATC and other planes are showing as unknown (which usually is due to a connection problem).

Are you using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

I have a VPN but not active during flights, I also was earlier able to communicate with unicom but there wasnt anyone else so I can’t really tell if I ever was able to

Did you hear other atc calls to aircraft or vice verse. Also it might help to close out the app after the vpn is disabled to force it to reset.

Nope, nothing at all

Given you didn’t receive a violation nor were you disconnected - it suggests that ATC couldn’t see you.

Might be worth checking your internet router - sometimes a device will appear to be connected to the internet when its actually not.

When you mentioned that other users were shown as unknown did it still show their stats. Also as Benny has said it atc might not have seen you. Also what server were you on.

Expert Server maybe an active ATC member could tell me if I was showed

You might want to reach out to the controller on duty at that time and it appears to be Magician.

It happens to me sometimes…but i see my wi-fi going red and connecting to my phone data.
If it’s showing other players as unknown that’s connection issues. Maybe your wifi keeps you connected but it is static…not sending or receiving service…or slow speed at times.

Many people have been reporting the same, does not seem to be a connection issue, it’s more like a glitch or something.

I haven’t had the time to have a look into topics yet but it’s better to leave the session (sadly), at least to avoid a misunderstanding with controllers and get a violation :/

@Sinwe I went through my replay and did not receive any messages from your end. It is because of a network issue.

I was gonna create a topic on this earlier as I’ve experienced the same thing getting ready to depart from OMDB today.

I was in line for departure at 30R and once I was first in line, I requested departure. After a plane landed I should’ve received a message to line up and wait which I didn’t.

I’ve already messaged @Magician, who was controller at the time, and he kindly looked through his replay.

It’s apparent that I received line up clearance even though it never came through on my side. Not sure if it’s a glitch of some sort but I feel my WiFi connection isn’t the issue as I flew from CYVR to OMDB with no issues just before.

Yeah I was avoiding that by simply diverting to OMSJ

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Yeah I also went through my past internet connection and it seems like I had stable fast internet through the whole flight

Alright thanks
But did you saw me on your map?

Yeah it’s quite strange, I’ve never had an issue like this before but more people are experiencing it

You were visible on the map.

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is your network provider is JIO? if it is it’s a known issue

Nope it’s not JIO as far as I’m aware this not even available in my country

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