No ATC interface appears


When I go to open ATC on Expert , I load up and I appear as Open and other users can send me messages but as the interface ( map and flight strip sections) do not appear (see picture) so I can not respond. I was controlling earlier fine at EGLC and then the server has issues and everyone got disconnected. When the expert server came back to life I went back to control but had this issue. Tested on another server and my interface appears

Before anyone says these I will say:

  • Im IFATC so can control on expert
  • Restarted iPad , IF and router
  • Re-Installed App with no luck

Device specs:
iPad mini 2
IOS 10.1.1
Lastest IF version


It’s not just expert server it’s happening to me on TS1


Same on TS1. But logged off the channel and logged in again and it worked then.


This happened to me once…wasn’t able to control for about a week…the thing is that for some reason it is logging you as an observer…when this happened I contacted mark…but the issue was solved before mark confirmed something I’m system…I suggest calling out to him

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I have your problem too, I have an iPad mini 2 with latest IF version and iOS version, but when it happens I close the app and I try again and it works! :)

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Unfortunately it isn’t so simple…this is the same thing which happened to me for a week after almost every possible effort…


When I close the app usually it works, I don’t know…


A server reset solved the problem.


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