No ATC frequency when approaching LAX

Hello when I fly to Los Angels International, I always use to land the 31L Runway but sometimes when I start my Approach the ATC frequency of the airport doesn’t appear in my ATC frequencies to choose, I really don’t know if it’s a mistake of me or a mistake of the network, even sometimes ATC have contact with me to tell me to contact Tower and there is no option before that on my ATC frequencies.

Thank you I hope you can help me

Controllers on TS1 will often send on guards to aircraft that are not within their coverage area, you can ignore these. fly on expert for a better experience.

P.S- LAX does not have a runway 31L, you are probably thinking of Palm Springs (KPSP)


Los Angeles does not have a runway "34L


There’s no 31L at LAX. You’ve got 06L/R, 07L/R, 24L/R and 25L/R. There’s not always an Approach frequency especially on TS1, or do you mean that you can get Tower frequency? All I can suggest is to check when looking for it you are a max of 27nm out from the airport - that way, if Tower is available, you’ll be able to see it.


31L? You’re confused with another airport I think

31L?.. I suppose you mean KPSP, not KLAX

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Like Dhops earlier said

Because of that, you aren’t able to contact a specific airport as it’s too far away from your present location. (More than approx 25NM away)

I believe you confuses between LAX and PSP 😊. But still the same case over here

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5 people have so far taken it upon themselves to repeat the exact same ‘there’s no 31L at LAX’

Let’s see if we can get it up to 10, just in case we didn’t hear it the first 5 times…


It might be possible that no ATC was available at that time or no proper range available for communication?

Theres no 31L at LAX. Maybe you are thinking of Palm Springs (PSP / KPSP)


Im sure he got it by now after like 8 times, if you already see the comment please dont repeat the same thing please, to answer your question, you’re not in the towers airspace and you must get closer for the frequency to be at your disposal, and also FLY EXPERT.