No ATC available

I’ve been a member of infinite flight for about 4 years and I have never seen the lack of ATC participation. Most every time I log on there is no ATC available. I guess being understaffed has hit every industry. I may have just missed an article about why this is and if I have I apologize.

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ATC are staffing at airports: example just now

And ATC are humans, they have a life (for most of them) so everything looks fine for me

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Looks like you’re logging on at the unluckiest times, haha. Right now there are 5 airports open.

Hey, the expert server is regularly staffed and for most of the day, ATC is on. IFATC (the group that controls on the expert server) is a group of volunteers, so there may be certain times when there is no ATC at any airport, but most of the time there’s at least 1 facility that is staffed. The ATC schedule generally has the airports that will be staffed during the day, mainly the hub for the day (though we can control any airport in the world), but legacy airports such as KLAX and EGLL are also staffed very often.


I guess this depends on what you are looking for.

As of the posting of your message, there were 5 airports open, 2 with approach. You do have to keep in mind that ATC members are volunteers and activity is at their discretion.

If you are using IF often, you can actually see the ATC activity trend. You will notice when frequencies are most active and when it may be a little quieter from day to day. If you like flying into ATC staffed airports, you can then plan accordingly.

With that said, would it be nice to open IF and see the screen full of fully staffed airports? SURE, I get it. :)


I’m not seeing any active ATC

Are you by any chance on the causal server?

What server are you playing on? Casual, expert, training…?

Everybody call me stupid, some how it was on casual server, I don’t recall changing it. Sorry for belly aching everyone.


It happens! 😂

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Lowkey mood lol. Dw it happens haha!

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