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Hello, I was flying from Halifax to Toronto until then everything was fine but when I arrived in Toronto, the Tower had to change controllers and the new controller called me to ask me to join his frequency but I don’t see any Tower available either in the control tower tab or in the controllers available in the airport (I don’t know if you see what I mean). The controller calls me twice again but always the same thing. I had to wait until I landed before I could contact him.

For information: a METAR change took place during the controller change but I don’t know if this change meant that I couldn’t contact him.

Please answer me because this is the first time I have posted a message on the forum.

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Toronto ground, tower, approach and atis are currently open. Please keep in mind IFATC is a completely volunteer service, so if there wasn’t atc, it’s probably because there are no controllers available. However right now there are plenty of frequencies open for you to tune into.


In addition to this, if you’re unable to tune into a frequency, it must be a connection issue, so try the following…

  • Restart the app
  • Restart the device
  • Restart your router
  • Ensure you are able to tune into a frequency before flying on expert by going on the training server and contact a ground frequency

Also, if you were in Active Airspace when you couldn’t contact them, your best bet is to just leave the flight, as you will not get ghosted.

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I never said it was the IFATC’s fault, on the contrary it’s more of a small problem but what also worried me was that it also happened to those who were connected to the old Tower.

If you can’t tune the frequency you can go to your map, press the airport and you get an option to tune there

Similar thing happened to me. This is not a connection problem. Check this out:

I tried this method but it only indicated the ATC Ground.

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