No ATC Audio

Device: iPhone 15 Pro Max
Operating system: IOS 17.2.1

There are no ATC messages coming through when I play but i can hear everything else

The app needs a stable network connection to work properly.
Have you tried another (Wi-Fi) network, to see if that makes a difference?
I hear some telecom providers may have certain issues.

Are you using a VPN by any chance?

Or do you mean you don’t hear the ATC voices, but do see the message in the top of the screen?

In that case, please check if you hear the test message when you select a voice in Settings → Online.

If you don’t hear the test message, voice data might have to be re-downloaded.
Go to Settings → Accessibility → Spoken Content → Voices to see if the voices are still working or need to be re-downloaded.

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This has happened to me a lot whilst flying, if you leave the app for around a minute plus and open it back up it will most of the time stop ATC audio. To fix it for me I need to close the app and open it back up. This is especially annoying whilst controlling.

For me the messages still come through as text but no audio.

The app is not meant to be put in the background for that long.
After about a minute, you will be disconnected from the server and among other things, ATC will not work anymore.
When you’re disconnected, you’ll see a red exclamation mark instead of a green check-mark in the top right corner of the screen.