No ATC Audio

I have come across another problem. I would like to add I have just renewed my subscription and have had nothing but problems since. I don’t know why because I haven’t changed anything. But now when I spawn in and do a call out it reads it out on the screen and shows up on ATC Chat but I can’t hear it. ATC Sound is on full volume and Phone Media is at full volume. Anyway to troubleshoot? I have restarted device and cleared cache so far.


Just asking as I assume you’ve tried, but have you uninstalled the app, turned off your device, powered back on and re-installed?

Any time i have a major app issue, this fixes it up for me.

I will uninstall now. I usually don’t do that because I always forget my login info.🤦‍♂️ I will do that now and get back to you.👍

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You could also do these steps

Only for iOS devices though.

Now it won’t let me re install Infinite Flight. When I originally bought the game a while back it was with my one Google Account. Since then I have deleted that account and use a different Google account. So when I go to the Play Store it says I need to buy again

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Eek! Ok let’s start on that issue then, if you can contact a moderator via a PM, they can assist in getting your account issues straightened out. Make sure to include the info for that account and your new account, and any information that can help them find information for you in the process.


Okay. Which moderator should I contact? @schyllberg is usually good at these things

He is the go to for me to suggest, but @ moderators will also get the full group in a single PM.

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You can wait for him to answer (could take a bit as it’s nighttime in Europe and I am not sure wether he is still on) or if you need to contact a moderator now you should follow @mwe2187‘s instructions.

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Just a little follow up. I started a PM with @moderators and @schyllberg. Been almost 24 hours without a response.

3hrs thank you.

I’ll get to your PM shortly :)


My bad. I PM you 3 hours ago. I was referencing when he told me to message someone else

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