No ATC audio

I have no audio from act, a

Can you provide more information? Basically anything would be better than the info you have provided so far to be honest…

What device are you on?
What have you tried yourself to resolve the issue etc?


Can you add some more detail? (Device, IF Version, etc.)

This happens to me when im in mid flight and decide to get out of the app and come back on live, close the app completely and restart.
Any further issues @Tyler_Shelton will be here to help.

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This has been a reported problem before, infinite flight does not recommend leaving the app try not to leave it too often.

Does the device you’re using have mute/silencing capability? If so, make sure it is on the “ringer” or “un-muted” position.


I appreciate everyone trying to assist but please allow the OP to respond before we toss 15 messages for them to sift through and answer. Cheers!


I have tried logging out, I hear all flight noise, just no act, mute would probably mute all sounds.

May we know what device are you using at the time of this issue? 😉

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Fire HD. Uninstalled, reinstalled, is that better for you

I found an article that could further help you. A lot of different solutions
Hopefully, this helps solve your issue.

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David, can you confirm you are in fact on the Live multiplayer servers? We no longer have the “ATC Chatter” feature on solo mode which you may be referencing.

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I had the same issue you are describing earlier today. All I did to solve the issue was shutting the app down and reloaded the application. Worked like a charm. May I also suggest you go into your settings under the audio tab and ensure you have the ATC volume turned up. ATC and SFX volumes operate independently.


Tyler, flying online. Thanks though.

This has already been solved

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It s because you are facing network problems, check your Internet

Different type of device, different issue. Android uses a different kind of system for TTS. Not the same issue.

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Still no vocal atc, tried everything. Thanks for the help

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Have you tried the supplied website?

Tried all suggestions, but still no act chatter.