No Atc at MIAMI

Hello all is IFATC down or something because there is a lot of traffic at Miami with no atc. I had to go around 3 times because no atc is there supervising and giving the proper spacing.

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IFATC is a volunteer group just like VAs. Everybody is most likely flying or busy with work or other activities since it is Father’s Day. It should be staffed later hopefully for the IFATC east takeover.

At some points, even though at times we had controllers available, we had to let it cool down. The intensity of the traffic meant it was basically impossible to control without approach, and it was very difficult to do approach without 2 approach controllers. This meant we needed a full/almost load of controllers to run effectively. The servers were also lagging a lot so planes were disappearing a lot and some controllers had a lot of crashes. When radar went offline for just a few minutes all the organized traffic turns very disorganized (as pilots bolt for the cone and controllers get spammed with inbounds) and it makes it near impossible to put it back into order (even if radar comes back on, it still takes time, and it can be better to let it cool down before reopening to control traffic effectively).

This is why we sometimes just let it cool down to a state that we can provide good service.


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