No APU sounds on Boeing 77W

im currently sitting at jfk in a 77w with apu running but I dont hear the sound package; are others experiencing this issue too? engines are off btw

Is your ringer off? If it’s off you won’t be able to hear any sounds.

nope my phone is not on silent. i hear other sounds fine, like wind, ATIS, etc…

Try restarting the app, or reinstalling it or even restarting your phone, that helps for me.

It’s supposed to be slight, considering it’s not nearly as loud as the engine, especially if it’s already started.

my engines are off

Even then, you aren’t going to hear it as loud, especially if there are other aircraft around you.

there are none. im alone

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Can you hear other things or no?

yeo. other planes in the distance if i turn up the volume really loudly

Try restarting your game maybe that will work

already restarted to no avail. i went to solo and tried it again. i can hear the APU start up but then goes silent when its fully started

Hold on I’m gonna try myself

I heard it just fine, try with your volume all the way up, maybe also try a different 777

im not sure, like i hear it start up, but then it gets really difficult to distinguish with all the ambient noise of wind and what not (even though i put winds at 0 kts). its much more subtle than i remember tbh, and i last played yesterday lol

Like I said, it’s not supposed to be loud and 100% audible.

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Yea mine is very faint but if there is wind it kind of wipes out the sound of the apu. If you go in free cam and put it by the apu, like very close, you should be able to hear it

It is quite a quiet plane for its size but maybe you just thought it was louder than it was, last thing I could say is just try to restart your phone max volume see if you can hear it better

interestingly enough, now it’s back to noticeable again. I dont understand technology. yeehaw

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Lol I love when people want to argue with you like “no no, it’s just not that loud.”
Like I know what I’m supposed to be hearing and I’m not hearing it!