No APU sound for E175 interior

Is this a bug? Because I don’t hear APU Sound inside the cabin of an E175. If yes, could you take a look and fix this? Similar issue to the A320 Family

Device: iPhone XS Max
Operating system: iOS 14

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@IFVN-TaiXipo there is a APU sound just turn up your device

Nah. I mean inside the cabin, you can check it

Hey there!

I just went and investigated myself and I can not hear the APU in the cabin as well.

Same goes for the A321, it doesn’t have APU sound in the cockpit.

Hopefully the devs fix it soon.

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Yes there is a APU sound inside the cabin just turn up your device or go to Audio in the app

Read again my topic pls. Only inside the cabin of E175 and the A320 Family

@Aviation_Jerry you can read his report

Known and reported issue already. Thanks!