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HI ifc,
just wandering not getting angry at ifatc as obviously without them expert server would not be as expert but i often notice that when all featured airports have been oppened with tower and ground why do they not add approach to the busy airports because i notice that they just go on the non-featured airports (i am not getting angry at IFATC just wandering why they dont add approach)?
thanks marcus

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That’s up to the IFATC members to decide if they want to open app/dep or not.


There is Approach in Infinite flight. There is only a select few who are qualified for it though, which is why you don’t see as many people opening with it.

Mostly you see APP at the daily HUB.


ok thanks for that was just wandering

This can often happen when non approach certified controllers want to open and thus open a new airport as they can’t open approach frequencies since they aren’t qualified

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Controlling approach on expert server requires extensive training and you need to pass two more tests. The reason for this is because approach typically comes with a higher workload and can take some time getting used to. Additionally some of the less busier airports don’t need approach


ohhhh ok tanks for that

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