No approach for Runway 20 in Kathmandu

I am on my way to Kathmandu right now, and the ATC put in the ATIS that runway 20 is used for departure and arrival. The problem is, that there are no procedures for runway 20 and I cant find charts for runway 20 online either. Could somebody help me out and send me the link to the STAR?

As far as I know runway 20 isn’t used for landings nor for takeoffs in real life, so I highly doubt there will be charts for it.

Even tho the wind is 210 at 7, runway 2 is in use IRL so that’s an ATC mistake

I saw on FR24 that an ATR landed there. Not sure about my B757 though

The most recent ATR landed on 02, I have never seen an arrival into 20. Maybe due to the mountains north of airport.

Hmm ok

It might be normal for small turboprop aircraft, but, as you said, I don’t think a 757 will do it

You can see there that the mountains are really close to rwy 20

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The ATC is offline now anyways. Lets hope that no one will force me to land on runway 20…


Oh i see. Maybe some turboprop planes land there. But i think it’s not very realistic to make that sharp turn in final when landing on 20 with a 757


I was searching for charts but, as expected, there wasn’t any for rwy 20, only RNP 02, VOR 02, VOR A (circling for rwy 02) and VOR B (circling for rwy 02)

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Some 757s used to land at MHTG, with a really sharp turn seconds before touching down, specially when landing at rwy 02

They don’t do it anymore tho

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Yeah, but why would they do that if they can execute a much more simpler approach on 02?

I would believe that would decrease the number of pilots being able to fly there because they may need a specific license etc

If I understand the charts correctly you can use the VOR-A and VOR-B during daylight hours for a visual (”circle to land“) approach into RWY 20. There are no published procedures for the final approach part, but these two take you overhead the airport and seemingly allow both RWY 02 and RWY20 during daylight hours.

There is a chart available via Google (not sure about copyright issues so I am not going to link it but you should have no issues finding it).


Thanks @JulianB the new ATC uses RWY 02 for landings anyways.

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No problem! Yes, RWY 02 seems to be the better choice as the wind allows it and a less than 5DME circling isn’t the easiest approach to make.

Yes, @DimitriB is using the appropriate runway for landing since he took over. Departures from 20 need to do the circling departure but many may not be aware so keep that in mind when approaching 02 for landing.


Landing in 5 minutes. Lets see how this will turn out XD

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Have a nice landing :) @anon2996007

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Thanks @DimitriB It was ok I guess… came in a bit too low and had problems with the sensitive rudder. Also my rudder break got stuck for some reason, causing me to shortly stop on the runway… Not sure about the touchdown but it felt alright.
Edit: watched the replay, and the touchdown was better than usual :D

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for refference, the official Aeronautical Information Package for
VNKT Kathmandu:

(large file)
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I think that’s because thay are retired and not for safety reasons.