No Approach Controller - How to contact Tower?

Every time I approach a destination airport with only Tower available on ATC I always get the notification referring me to the forum for help using ATC.

No matter if I declare inbound, request transition or state my position (e.g. left downwind) I always get the warning.

What is the correct procedure for contacting tower when there is no approach or centre control?

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You request inbound for landing. Not “Inbound on the ILS/GPS” etc

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Call inbound : Send

Shouldn’t matter how you call in because if there is no approach you will most likely be given a pattern entry regardless…

It does. Better to make it a habit now rather than never.

To answer your question, just call inbound. Don’t say inbound on the visual/GPS/ILS.

Let’s see:

  • Transition - transition should only be requested if you will be directly overflying airport at less than 5000ft above airport elevation.
  • State position - stating position isn’t a legitimate form of requesting landing or anything.
  • Declaring inbound - you just announce inbound with optional runway request (only request runways in the ATIS though)

Bonus tip:

Only contact tower if you are lower than 10000 ft and less than 25 nm out


Ok thanks, will try that.

I didn’t know we should be giving CHP when they call inbound on GPS/ILS, i always just accept it and give the pattern entry/sequence if nec. Should i start CHP? I figure not so thats why I said that. Sorry. :)

I never mentioned anything about CHPs, just wanted to make clear that it’s better to make it a habit (calling inbound correctly). Please PM me if you have further inquiries.

When there is App: Say either if your ILS, GPS, or Visual, if your Radar Vectors just call inbound.

When there is no App: Just call inbound for a pattern entry and a sequence

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