No Approach at DTW

There are about 120 people going into Detroit, yet there’s no approach channel. Without an approach, it will be chaos. There’s an approach channel at EHAM when there’s only about 50 people going there. Can we get an approach at KDTW?

I don’t know if it’s permanent but probably there is just a controller change going on

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120 inbounds doesn’t mean they are all in the near area. Maybe it’s currently not needed and will open soon. IFATC is aware of the traffic to handle

I woke up 50 mins ago and there hasn’t been an approach during that time

Please remember IFATC are volunteers. Someone will open when it’s necessary. In the meantime, enjoy your flight.

Is this is TS or ES?

Pretty sure it’s ES. There wouldn’t be so many people inbound to DTW on training.

Ah ok…cant help u then 😫😫

KDTW approach is now opening (Expert) @JBR409.

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