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As I am new on infinite and loving it I still struggle with some features etc which I guess is normal. Here the day topic why for example on the 747 Air Force one they is no appr button you have nav etc but no approach one like other planes. When you select your runway and add to nav1 for ils approach within 15 miles zzz but with this plane this button doesn’t exist any reasons ? How do we do then because landing manually it’s too hard for me at the moment 🙂

We have VNAV as an option too!

It’s an old aircraft they probably won’t implement it until a rework comes

Same with aircraft like the a380, A340 and 757

Not all planes have APPR functionality — many airliners have had them added as part of reworks, but the 747 is not one of those.

APPR-equipped aircraft are:

  • A318/319/320/321
  • A330
  • A350
  • 737 Family
  • 777 Family
  • 787 Family
  • CRJ Family
  • MD-11
  • DC-10

But wait vnav doesn’t lined you up like appr ils button that my problem I am always not lined up properly 😭😭😭😭

Thanks a lot for the info then any tips for landing nicely with other ones. I use vnav then of course but honestly I am never ever lined up properly like while using appr one and it’s frustrating I know u can correct the lining up while approaching but it’s not easy Ahahah and it looks like when ton do your flight plan the points you select are never really line up with the runway you wanna use 🤔

Practice, practice, practice.

When you’re starting out, using the landing aid might be of some help to you.

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What I do is set my FPL to line up centered with the ILS cone to the runway I’m landing on so I come in centered.

And A330 :)

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