No answer from support

I asked on how should i acquire a new IF acc ’ i wanted to reset everything including my stats but i couldnt get an answer …any reason behind

You need to sign into IF with a new email account.


This will require you to buy a new subscription, if you currently have one. Just letting you know.

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If you want help with something like this you should contact @schyllberg or you can simply follow the steps listed above. Keep in mind if you don’t have a good reason the team will probably not let you create a new account because of problems with transferring you sub and other complications.

I sent to appeals but to avail.

Where & when did you ask?
Appeals doesn’t handle any of this and i haven’t received a PM and I can’t find any emails from you.


Maybe it went to the wrong inbox since its my 1st time trying sending to appeal"""no harm in that i guess.

Just clearing this up for you:

@ appeals- handles when you want to appeal a level 2 or 3 violation if you believe it was unfair
@ moderators- are the IFC and IF discord mods, they are contacted when you flag a post.
@ schyllberg is who you should contact if you need support, you can also send a email.

My bad i guess" thank you.