No airport or runway

I was on training sever and I notice when I was landing I didn’t see the airport and I saw no airport or the runway so a put on APR to have a safe landing. I don’t know what happened.

Hello! Have you tried clearing your cache?

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I did before the flight

To follow up on Anuj

•Clear cache

•Restart app

•Reinstall app

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If you spawn in again and nothing shows up, clear your cache. If that doesn’t work, try restarting the app.

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It could be because of your connection im guessing

I had wifi and data

Thats odd…

Sometimes you just need to clear your cache or restart your app. Could you spawn into a flight and see if the airport shows up?

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Try my steps and see if it works if not try other users soulutions☺

now its taking forever

It should only take 1-2mins

It might take a few minutes. Let me know if the scenery shows up. If not, follow these steps:
Clear Cache (In-Game Settings)
If that doesn’t work: Restart your game
If that also doesn’t work: Re-Install. That should make the scenery show up.

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I tried but it was the same

You tried re-installing the game??

Thank you it work

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No problem! Glad I could help. :)