NO AIRPORT only scenery.

Hello I attempted landing in Dubai, But SURPRISINGLY NO airport!! only scenery of the airport, I’m currently circling DXB until I find a solution, I tried to land on the scenery, the plane doesn’t touch down.

Based on your previous topics… you seem to have issues with scenery load.

How much storage do you have available on your device?

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Too little , could that be the reason?? Should I delete some apps and clear cache

That is the reason. Our standing recommendation is 1GB free. This is not something that is generally required - but as the scenery is streamed and cached locally on your device, the app needs some storage to flex :)


Great :) That seams like a solution, but will clearing some storage and clearing the cache crash the game ??

You will most likely have to end your flight, yes. It’s hard to say how the app will react as you will be pausing it for quite some time.

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Thank you for your suggestion, the nearest loaded airport is Sharjah ;) I’ll divert

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