No airport altitudes?

The altitudes have been removed by Matt, pending an eventual rework of the airspace system in the future.

How are we supposed to know the pattern altitude for each airport then? I won’t go looking for them before flying.

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The eventual hope is that the new plan may be to call a 5,000 foot transition within five miles of the airport- that’s tentative, which could be changed. For now, if you’re within that range, just go ahead and request a transition.

Wait let me get this straight you can’t see the airspace elevations or the airport elevation?

Oh ok I thought you meant the airport elevation. Reguardless it’s dumb to remove it with out a replacement

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They never gave you altitudes to establish on the localizer

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They are established on the Final Approach Points:

The X ( or +) marks the spot.

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Exactly, that one.

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As a general rule of thumb when you are 10 NM from the runway threshold at 3000 ft above airport elevation you should intercept the localizer, providing that the airport does not have a steep approach procedure.
I hope this can help

Happy landings

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Pattern altitude is typically 1k > SFC for props, 1.5k > SFC for jets (for tower patterns). But for those that are interested, I have an app that’s currently in review that’ll give the height above sea level info to controllers before they even open IF. If only Apple would hurry up…

Note that’s not all it does hahah, just one of the bits of data you can look up

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I still can see them when tapping on ATC button.

On this picture, SeaTac height is 433 ft.
So, the pattern altitude would be 1400-1500 ft MSL , I guess.

Or you mean airspace heights?