No Airplane Lights on Replays

First of all, I’m loving 23.1! Great new liveries and a great selection of 3D airports have been added! Since the update, I’ve done 2 flights, 1 shorter one and 1 long haul, and on the replay for both the aircraft’s lights (strobe/landing/beacon/nav) don’t show up on the replay at all. The replay shows the plane flying as if I never turned the lights on, which I always make sure to do. Asked a friend about this and he was having the same issues. Replays from before 23.1 don’t have this issue and still show the lights just fine. Tried restarting the app and nothing.

I’ll attach a screenshot, but obviously it’s a bit hard to tell without seeing it in motion. Here on takeoff, I had my landing lights on, for example, but it’s not showing up on the replay:

I can attach the replay file from my shorter flight if anyone is interested, but before I do that I wanted to see if anyone else was having this issue with their replays to see if it’s just me or if this is a widespread issue. Again, this is only affecting replays for flights I’ve flown since 23.1, any replays from before the update still show lights just fine.

Device: iPad Pro 12.9in (3rd Gen)
Operating system: iPadOS 16.3.1


Hey, thanks for the report and for the kind words, glad you like 23.1!

This is a bug I’m afraid, it’s the same bug as GSE not working correctly:

We’ve already identified the issue and we’re preparing a hotfix to send out ASAP. Sorry about this!


We’re releasing a hotfix for this issue. More info here:

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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