No Aircraft Showing Up At All

So, I’ve tried looking at other post in the forums for this and they are all pre-global and dont state my issue. When I spawn in no planes render at all, not even across the map I’ve tried clearing the scenery cache, and reinstalling the app but they wont appear even after several minutes, yet they appear at the stage where you select a gate as shown below

If anyone has any tips or help for me that would be greatly appreciated i did a flight just fine earlier about 4 hours ago aswell.

Device: iPad Pro (12.9-inch)
IOS: 12.4.1

And also yes, my wifi is connected.

And Im not sure if this releates to winds aloft down, but Im aware of that

AH, The expert server works, I assume its from the massive eham event still going on! Solved My Problem

We are having a problem with multiple users. I think this is the 4 topic of this sort in the past 20 minutes.
Can't see other aircraft - #15 by TRDubh

It’s now fixed