No aircraft on Training Server

Was taxiing in Cape Town when the aircraft next to me had network issues. All of a sudden all aircraft around me disappeared. But I could still hear atc transmissions. Same thing at LAX except completely silent there. Same on Wifi & 4G.

Anyone else having same the same problems? All my checkmarks are green.

Which server are on?

Training or expert?

My ghost is currently controlling EFHK after I left because all a/c disappeared

All servers

Edit: Seems just to be Training. Don’t know why Casual & Expert were showing the same issues for me aswell.

I am currently not finding any issues flying on expert. I have a whole team of BAVA around me and no one has disconnected.

That might just be a hiccup on the server connection and I suppose it should resume in no time.

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For me when all the aircraft seem to disconnect it’s usually connection issue of mine, but it doesn’t have to be that. Let’s see if we get other reports similar to yours. If not, then it’s likely a sever connection issue

I’m doing a flight rn on exert and I’ve had no issues so far. Unfortunately I’ve had no aircraft around me the entire flight ( started 4 hrs ago) so I can’t confirm.

LAX on casual and training is a ghost town, while no one appears in expert over at Miami Int. Funny enough I can see parking spots that are taken by aircraft.

Very true I agree with @Pilot_urp We shall wait and see if there are any further reports. If you see a huge amount of planes disconnecting, it is most likely the connection issue on your end.

@Jomo_Kenyatta Have you checked Live Flight? If there are anyone flying on Training Server currently?

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I doubt its a connection issue because I have LTE my iphone and Wifi on my Ipad and both are showing the same issue. May not be like that for everyone. Will see.

@schyllberg We have an Unresponsive Live Server

Server Affected: Training
Issue: No Aircraft Showing Up
Network: 4G LTE on Canada’s best network

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Move it to #support

I believe the staff members of Infinite Flight will be very aware of this and will work towards a fix if needed. Patience is key and we shall wait for further notice.

Yes, please move it to support.

Airspace status on the homepage looks fine, no irregularities there


I see the same when trying on Training. Not sure what this is about.
We’re looking into it.



fix it fast I need somewhere to fly where I won’t be ghosted

Please be patient as Infinite Flight Staff members will figure out the issue and how to solve it. For the mean time if you are afraid of being ghosted, please consider pausing your flight.


Lucky for you, Casual is still fine ;)


Well I tried to troubleshoot and before I made this post MIA was a ghost town on expert. Now its running back up. It may not have affected everyone on expert. Just something I noticed.

I would like to kindly report that I am having no issues currently when flying on expert (right now).

Yeah I have a feeling it’s just TS. I’m completely fine on expert

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